Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to turn therapy for autism into a fun and creative session

Your baby is your bundle of joy and you want to believe it is perfect in every way. But when your baby turns a year old and you realize that your baby is not doing several things that 1 yr olds usually do, you need to call on a child development specialist, in order to examine your baby for autism.

Detecting autism or any other development disorders, as early as eighteen months in your child, is of paramount importance as its early treatment will curtail its growth and reduce related development issues. Even if you have not been successful in diagnosing autism early in your child, do not despair. Therapies and other forms of treatment will most certainly minimize its effects and teach your child how to lead fulfilling lives in your world that is as alien to him as his world is to you.

Even though a cure for autism has not been properly established, there are several kinds of therapies that can be effectively applied to help manage and control symptoms, teach behavioral and social skills and sometimes even cure your child of autism. You can select one or more treatments, depending on the nature of your child’s problem. I have added some very good links below that will give you tips on how to add fun into a therapy session.

Recreational and Artistic Therapies for autism
·         Music Therapy for Autism
·         Art Therapy for Autism
·         Drama Therapy for Autism

Above all these treatments, an autistic child needs your love, care and attention just like any other child. Watch your child bloom under your love and learn to manage his uncontrollable urges and impulses.

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