Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Sunday, November 20, 2011

when is autism detected?

Right from the time your baby is born till the age of 5, your child should be capable of performing most of the physical and mental activities that develops his fine motor skills and gross motor skills. With a completion of a year, your child reaches a specific development milestone during his growing period. He learns to speak, act, play, walk, run, skip, jump, bend etc., and a delay in performing these activities, could indicate a development deficiency or other disorders like autism. Detecting it and treating it as early as possible can turn the tide in helping your child to lead a normal life.

Every child has their own pace of learning motor skills and it is up to you to identify your child’s ability and speed to pick up motor skills. I have given below some useful links that describes the different development milestones in your child’s life and help you detect early signs of autism, if you find your child slightly different than usual.
If your child has development issues, contact a specialist or pediatrician and get down to relevant therapy treatment or medication, right away. 

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