Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Monday, December 26, 2011

Importance and Benefits of Postpartum Belts after Childbirth

Childbirth is a laborious process, in which your abdominal muscles and your pelvic passage gets stretched, pushed and pulled in order to allow your baby to come out smoothly.  When I was in labor, I felt there was a huge ball of stone inside me, rolling from side to side. No sooner was my baby out than I felt totally drained and light of body. A few hours later, when I took my first step after the delivery, I felt as if I was floating and thought my stomach would hit the floor because it felt all loose and flabby. My mother was quick to reassure me that it was normal to feel that way and that 'belly binding' would bring it back to its old shape. With proper exercises, right diet and the support of a good postpartum belt, I was able to get back my pre-pregnancy figure.

Breastfeeding is of paramount importance. In addition to providing your baby with the right kind of nourishment, breastfeeding triggers off hormones that help to contract your uterus back to its original size, faster. It also burns calories and excess fat stored around your hips and abdomen.

Postpartum belts give an added support to your stomach and abs. It speeds up the process of flattening your stomach. Additionally, these belts support as well as provide relief to your lower back which has undergone undue stress during childbirth. PP belts are especially useful when you are breastfeeding your baby as you are able to sit up in a better position without slouching.

Belly binding has been a hundred year old tradition in different parts of the world. As the stomach and the internal organs felt loose and wobbly after childbirth, women would use long yards of cloth or a sheet and wind it around the stomach to push the organs in and tighten the muscles. This is the method I followed and it has stood me in good stead.My mother would make lie on the bed so that my stomach fell back in and then she would wind the sheet around the midriff  and lower abdomen area securely.

You can choose to buy a postpartum belt or make one of your own, to bind your stomach. Either way, you need to bind your belly right after birth for at least two months, taking it off only during your bath or shower. Once your body has healed and recovered its ordeal, reduce the usage of belt to a few hours a day. If you have continued pain or discomfort after that, you must consult your doctor to diagnose the cause.

Care must be taken not to bind your belly too hard. You must not bind too hard, causing too much pressure to your digestive system or you may get constipation. Binding or using belts are believed to reduce stretch marks on account of shrinking of skin around the belly. Postpartum belt strengthens your spine and pelvic muscles and helps you recover faster. PP belt also reduces risk of hernia.

There are many kinds of postpartum belts available in the market. Choose one that suits your needs and wear it right after your delivery.

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