Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Services for Children with Autism in The Netherlands

Children with autism have needs, the same as anyone else and are entitled access to health services like anybody else. Autism services in Europe, especially the scandinavian countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway, have health services and support systems for neurological disorders that are affordable and accessible to the general public.  There are also a fair number of community disability awareness centers that provide valuable advice and counsel to parents unable to cope with stress and challenges involving these disorders. On comparing notes with people who are conversant with autism services in the US and UK, I believe, autism services in The Netherlands are by far more comprehensive, affordable, easily accessible and well managed.

During a recent visit to The Hague in The Netherlands, I had the good fortune to visit a few residential treatment facilities for people with autism, managed by one of the largest organization known as the IPSE de BRUGGEN who are committed to provide opportunities and comprehensive health care to these children. What impressed me was the fact that the organization not only dealt with health issues, but also looked into the general well being of the child by involving, informing, understanding and counseling the parents about their child’s special needs. The working personnel are dedicated, affectionate and very meticulous about fulfilling every need of these children with autism.

Ipse de Bruggen stands for “Everyone is special” and that is exactly what they work for. They offer their expertise to people with mild to severe disorders and provide places of stay, whether full time or part time, based on each person’s needs. There are a wide range of such dwellings to choose from, offering safety and protection as well as recreation and activity centers that are well designed to provide various learning activities, including reading, writing, drawing, painting, acting, art workshops, potteries, gardening and computer.

View this detailed brochure about IPSE for more information

View the link below for autism services for overseas families in The Netherlands

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