Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Sunday, December 4, 2011

why should your child go to a preschool

While managing my preschool/nursery and playschool, I have had my share of bawling 2 and 3 year olds, who refused to leave their mommy’s side to step inside the school. Every day, at the start of the school, shrieks and cries of little kids rend the air until it was time for them leave, to the welcoming haven of their mother’s arms. The school world was alien to the little ones and they felt abandoned and betrayed when they were left there for 2 hours!

It is always beneficial to send your child aged 2 to 4, to a preschool or a playschool before the start of kindergarten, as it prepares your child to be used to being parted from you. Besides, your child has ample opportunities to develop social skills and motor skills on account of the innumerable physical activities available in a preschool.

A preschool is a miniature version of a kindergarten and exposes your child to all the rudiments of reading and writing. Your child develops a fair knowledge of letters, numbers, shapes and colors and is equipped with better reading skills, vocabularies and basic math as opposed to a child who does not go to a nursery school. In addition, your child will improve his social skills by learning how to adapt and share with other children, which is an important aspect of development.

A preschool also teaches your child how a formal class works such as taking turns, putting up his hand to catch teacher’s attention and staying quiet/paying attention when the teacher is talking. In other words, your child gets a first-hand experience of a kindergarten in order to smoothen the change from one to the other.   

A preschool eliminates the staid way of making children sit in one place and learn. Games, stories, builder blocks, pictures, flash cards are used as a visual medium to make a stronger impact in their minds. Preschools encourage your child to explore through play and discover how capable they are in performing little tasks like zipping their bags, opening lunch boxes, pouring juices, stacking books or setting up their snack tables.

Click on the link below to choose from the various types of preschool programs available and enroll your little one in the one you think is best for your child.

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