Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Autism Therapy – Summer Camps for your Child with Autism

Autism is a neurological brain disorder that hinders communication, social skills, interaction and temperament. Autism covers all brain disorders in its spectrum like the Asperger’s syndrome, Down’s syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cerebral palsy etc. You will find children with severe mental handicap that totally hinders their ability to converse while some others are high functioning with high IQ but seem odd on account of their inability to understand emotions, moods, intentions and body language.

An autistic child can severely curtail your social life as well as cause undue stress on account of day to day challenges and demands you have to face every day of your life. Each day is a struggle and a battle, to deal with mundane issues like bath, meals, bedtime and outings and can seriously leave you drained with depleted energy levels, to the extent that it may even affect your marital life. However, you can explore the option of enrolling your ASD child to summer camp programs for brief period of time and enjoy the brief respite from a grueling schedule.

Summer camps are live-in therapy programs with a wide range of activities specifically tailor made for every child and which is an intrinsic part of the therapy because it aims at developing your child’s confidence and trust in himself as well as others.

Talisman Summer Camp
, North Carolina – have programs for young ASD children aged between 8 -22. The activities in these camps are fun-filled and educational, performed in a fun and safe environment. The camps offer facilities to stay in rustic cabins and take part in a wide range of activities that serve to improve communication and interaction skills. They take on limited children in order to maintain a 3:8 staff-child ratio so that each child gets individual attention. Activities like tree, rope and rock climbing, backpacking, water rafting, hiking, paddling, swimming, studying nature, crafts, arts, dance, sports, campfires and banquets will enhance your child’s self esteem tremendously and develop his cognitive skills. The older ASD kids have an added “adventure leadership program” to build up their social, group and communication skills, so valuable in the outside world.

Huntington Camp, New York – is a residential program designed for children and young adults with the intention of developing your child’s strengths, talents and potential. The programs also improve your child’s social and behavioral skills and teach him to adapt to situations and people through a series of structured programming and academic instructions. These activities will trigger your child’s stimulus, helping him improve his awareness of the outside world, understand human emotions and social concepts that is important in his personal growth.

Sunshine Autism Trust, Bangalore – has been around for nearly two decades in its commitment to transform the lives of young adults with ASD. They organize workshops and summer camps that are filled with activities custom made for autistic children in order to stimulate and develop their independence and overall growth. This link belongs to Devika Sekhar Singh, a freelance movement therapist consultant for children with autism and mainstream adults, from Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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