Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Planners? Whatever Next?

6ABC.Com, Philadelphia, published in their website about baby planners  quote “You've heard of wedding planners, event planners and financial planners - but baby planners? It's the new hottest thing for expectant moms who want to be fully prepared before that little bundle of joy comes home” unquote.

I was quite overwhelmed when I read this and wished we had them two decades ago. But on second thoughts, No. I don’t think I would have liked to have traded the pleasure of shopping things for my baby, on to somebody else. But I’m sure there are many expectant mothers out there who find shopping stressful, especially sorting through baby stuff like strollers, car seats, feeding bottles, clothes, diapers and much more and would be overjoyed to learn about baby planners.

Baby planners a.k.a. baby concierge, take on the entire responsibility of shopping the necessary baby gear after consultation with you, plan your baby nursery, baby registry and provide expert advice and tips on keeping yourself in good shape during and after your pregnancy term.

There have been mixed reactions to this news from people I know. Some expectant mothers have advocated it while some others have dismissed it as a wasteful expenditure. Nevertheless, the concept is unique and sensible, if you account for those expectant mothers who are advised bed rest by their doctors for whatever reasons and cannot go out to shop for their baby. Sometimes, the parents-to-be are probably new to the city they live in and unfamiliar with the city layout and do not know their way around. They may not know where to look for to buy baby stuff and would welcome the services of a baby planner.

Sometimes you may find expectant couples under a lot of pressure to do everything just right and safe for their baby. They may not have many friends to draw on for expert advice on baby care, especially if some of them are elderly - things are different now than it was years ago – or some are without any children of their own. Even if there were friends with children, the expectant parents may not agree to their recommendations on account of different lifestyle needs. 

But like everything else in life, you need to decide whether it would be worth the expense. There are couples planning their own wedding despite wedding planners, so with baby planners. If you must have them, you should look at your budget and assess whether the idea is good one. The cost runs from $75 to $150 an hour which could probably get you thinking that you could save that money for a relaxing prenatal massage.

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