Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Friday, January 20, 2012

Homeschooling – Why You Should Not Consider It

There may be many benefits of teaching your child at home but the disadvantages of homeschooling far outweighs the disadvantages of going to school. The major disadvantage of homeschooling is robbing your child’s right and opportunity to interact with other kids his age as it plays a major role in developing his social and behavioral skills as well as nurturing friendships.

Lack of extracurricular activities

School days are my fondest memories, especially the part when my entire class would be feverishly preparing for sports, debates, quizzes, dance competitions, elocutions, poem recitation, festivals, bands, cheerleaders and so much more. The pumping of the adrenaline would not be for coming on top but in taking part and having fun. Can your child ever experience the exaltation of being a part of this system in homeschooling, where he will on his own?

Lack of competition

Competing with other children his age will motivate your child to do well and meet his academic goals. He will also have a yardstick with which to measure his progress and success. Competition is healthy and necessary for your child to challenge and push himself to higher levels. It prepares him to face the outside world as competing is a part of almost all vocational exams that will earn him an entry into college. A homeschooled child will feel out of his depth when he steps out into the competitive world as he will have no idea of how to compete.

Unable to seek help in tough subjects 

The present curriculum is vastly different from what parents went through years ago, especially in subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, History, foreign languages, etc. Parents may find they have taken on more than they can chew and may struggle to help their child. Besides, you may be out of touch from these subjects. Although tutors are available, they could charge phenomenally which can stretch your budget, especially if the bread winner is only one person in the family.

Lack of interaction, social and behavioral skills

Interaction with other children is very important for a child’s mental growth. Interaction will teach your child to adapt, adjust and discipline himself. Field trips to libraries, malls, supermarkets, places of worship, parks etc., will improve his social skills and teach him to maintain relationships with his peers. A homeschooling child is devoid of any chance to make friends, which could cause problems unless the parents find alternative ways to create situations for their child to nurture friendships as they become solely responsible for their child’s social development.  

Lack of exposure to healthy criticism

A regular school will subject your child to constructive criticism, encouraging him to do even better next time. Healthy criticism teaches your child that success and failure go hand in hand and means one has to try harder.

Lack of ‘time-for-ourselves’ for parents 

Parents look forward to the time their children go to school in order to put their feet up-literally- and have some private time of their own. Constantly being in the company of your children can curtail your freedom, be stifling and tiresome as children can be demanding, leaving you with no time to do your household chores, shopping etc.

Phenomenally expensive

Homeschooling is very expensive on account of the price of curriculum, computer software, project materials and many other resources.

If your reason for homeschooling your child is related to any religious, political or any other family issues, they should be resolved and reconsider sending your child to a regular school.

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