Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meditation – Teach Your Child to Meditate to Improve Brain Power

In this current dog-eat-dog world, children have to struggle in order to keep up with their peers and gain a foothold in a life that is rushed and filled with constant stimulus and packed with innumerable activities. That is why it is important to ‘recharge’ your child’s batteries so that he is better equipped to deal with challenges. Meditation may be believed to be an adult practice but your child can greatly benefit from it too.

Meditation is practiced by people of all faiths and will keep you in touch with your inner self as opposed to external rituals that parents impose on their children to follow and does nothing to remove stress or gain peace of mind. Spiritual education like meditation should be inculcated into your child’s daily routine so that he can reap its benefits all through his growing years till adulthood.

Just as most physical ailments has its source in childhood, mental sickness and stress manifest early among children on account of several factors like, demanding school curriculum, excess extracurricular activities, peer pressure, lack of communication between parents and children and combative home atmosphere. You, as a parent, must lead by example and incorporate meditation in your daily routine. Your child will quickly follow suit if you have the time and patience to spare to teach your child the basic rudiments of meditation.

Guidelines to teach meditation to your child
·        1) Start the session when your child is in a good mood.
·        2)  Be patient, calm and relaxed with your child.
·        3) Instruct your child in simple and easy to understand methods.
·        4) Think from your child’s perspective and don’t expect him to understand on day one itself.
·        5)  Allow your child to participate voluntarily and move at his pace.
·        6) Tell your child that meditation will help him write his school test very well.
·        7) Add your own brand of fun to spice up your session and keep it short to begin with. 
     8) Promise your child a nice reward at the end of the session 

Benefits of meditation
·         Reduces anxiety and stress arising out of pressures from peers, school, parents and friends.
·         Improves concentration and memory which will lead to better performance in school and other extracurricular activities.
·         Greater clarity and focus as children usually lack focus in anything they do. Meditation helps the brain to focus longer and better on any particular idea, topic or subject.
·         Better management and control on anger, which improves their relationships with parents, teachers and friends.

Parents should not only push their children to get good grades in school but also coax them to do meditation, as it will help your child to unfold his inner potential, gain more confidence and improve his self worth. Practicing meditation from childhood will have a long lasting and profound effect that can progress into important life skills in your child’s life. 

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