Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brush Your Hair to Good Health

Brushing or combing your hair the right way is important for healthy growth. Brushing is the best cleanser than a shampoo because brushing removes impurities and hair deposits that are embedded in your scalp and entangled in your hair. It also stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Brushing also triggers oil glands and hormones, thereby opening up the pores and maintaining natural oils in the hair.

Imbalances in the natural oil producing sebaceous glands can cause hair loss, dandruff and other hair issues. When the glands produce excess oil, the nourishment to the hair follicles is hindered, causing the weak hair to fall out. When the glands produce very less oil, the hair follicles lose their strength, become brittle and fall out. So, it is important to maintain the right balance in the sebaceous glands.

Excessive use of hair styling treatments, gels, colors, dyes, shampoos, etc., damages the hair follicles and blocks the pores in your scalp. They interfere with the function of the sebaceous glands, causing imbalances and finally hair loss. 

Brushing your hair is as good as a good head massage and will stimulate your oil glands into producing the right amount of oil and promote proper blood flow to the hair follicles.

Brushing is equated to a good hair conditioner because gentle smooth strokes will condition your scalp and hair and make it strong, manageable and smooth.

Brushing the right way plays a key role in reducing hair loss and make it look lustrous and shiny. 

There are two ways of brushing your hair. In the first method, you hold your hair from the middle and brush gently to remove the tangles from the bottom and then work your way up to the top of your head.

In the second method, you bent down from the waist and leave your hair to fall loose down. This posture will also send the blood to flow down well to your hair follicles. Holding the brush in one hand, run it up from the nape of your neck, to the crown of your head and down to the end of your hair in slow easy movements.

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