Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do’s and Don’ts for Regular Hair Care

Everyone dreams of long, thick, lustrous hair and I believe it is not impossible to possess it if we stopped manhandling our hair and gave it the care and attention it deserves. After all, it is a part of our body and should be given the same treatment that we give our nails, skin, etc. Here are some tips that you could follow to maintain the texture and color of your hair.

Do invest in a good hairstyle that will define your features and your personality. Changing your hairstyle once in a while will make you more confident and stylish.

Do shampoo your hair using genuine herbal products that are suitable to your hair type.

Do buy herbal shampoo that is not combined with a conditioner. A conditioner should be in a separate bottle.

Do use a good quality clarifying shampoo once in two weeks, especially if you are prone to use hair sprays, gels, mousses often or if you go swimming often on account of which there could be chlorine deposits in your hair.

Do have a shower before stepping into a pool, as wet hair will ward off the bad effects of chlorine on your hair. Better still, wear a swimming cap to protect your hair.

Do wash your wash right away after a swim, in order to rid your air of chlorine.

Do remember to brush your hair in the morning and before going to bed at night. Brushing will remove dirt and other waste particles from your hair in addition to stimulating blood supply and distributing sebum evenly to the hair follicles.

Do buy a good brush that will not damage or pull at your hair. A good scalp massager brush will be extra beneficial for stimulating hair growth.

Do wrap your hair with a thick towel after shampooing, in order to absorb all the water. Then, vigorously towel your head to stimulate blood flow through the hair follicles.

Do let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer every time. Excessive use of hair dryers can turn hair dry and brittle.

Don’t brush wet hair, as the hair follicles are weak when wet. Use a wide-toothed comb, by combing the ends of your hair first before moving slowly up to your roots.

Don’t run your fingers through your hair too often, as it could pull the strands and damage the cuticles.

Don’t walk under a very hot sun, exposing your head. Cover your head with a cap during that time.

Don’t forget to keep your brushes and combs always clean. Always use your own combs and towels to prevent dandruff, as dandruff is contagious.

Don’t use tooth clips or banana clips too often as it could make your face look long and drawn. Adopt hairstyles that give your face a soft look.

Don’t pull your hair tightly back from your scalp and tie a pony-tail. Pony-tails put undue pressure on your hair roots and will eventually lead to hair loss.

Don’t treat your hair excessively to perms, colors, blow dries and curls. All these treatments will ruin the texture of your hair and damage the hair shafts.

Don’t forget to treat your hair with hot oil massages with coconut, almond, olive or castor oil, at twice a week. This will not only stimulate hair growth but will prevent hair loss and grey hair.

Don’t use blow dryers every time to dry your hair. If you must use it on a day when you are in a hurry, use the blow dryer for a few seconds first and then switch to cold air to close the hair shaft and make it look glossy and smooth.

Don’t grow your hair when you get old. Short hair looks smarter and more stylish as you get old. The trick is to choose a good style and look younger.

Don’t forget to eat a protein rich diet. Nutrition is of utmost importance for good hair. All external treatments are in vain if your diet is very poor. Eat plenty of eggs, dairy products, lean meats, fruits and vegetables. As you get older, take supplements to fulfill your nutritional needs.

Don’t forget to be a part of a regular fitness program. Be physically active. Join yoga for enhancing inner peace and improving all round health.

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