Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Postpartum Care – Danger Signs to Look For After Childbirth

After childbirth, you will have many postpartum issues to deal with that are quite common like blood clots, contractions, sore vagina, constipation, painful breastfeeding, urinary issues, etc. However, you will have to notify your doctor right away, if you face the following problems.

·         If you don’t bleed after childbirth

·         If you have heavy bleeding that requires you to change your sanitary pad every hour, especially if your blood clots are larger than a golf ball.

·         If the bleeding is followed by a foul odor from the vagina, probably due to an infection in the vaginal wound, wherein the wound may be swollen, hot and discharge pus.

·         If you have a fever over 101 F, which may happen if your skip nursing your baby and your breasts gets painfully engorged, causing some infection.

·         If you feel as if your uterus is swollen, it may be due to an infection in your uterus.

·         If you still feel continuous pain in the abdomen despite taking painkillers

·         If you are unable to urinate or you feel a burning sensation during urination or the urine color is very dark. The first issue may occur due to swelling around your bladder, the second one due to painful sting of the vaginal wound and the third on account of your medication. In any case, contact your doctor right away for correct diagnosis.

·         If you have a pus discharge from your C-section incision or a foul vaginal discharge, which is swollen or painfully red.

·         If you have severe headaches, causing problems with your vision.

·         If your breasts are very tender and painful to touch. If your nipples look red, sore, cracked and bleeding.

·         If you feel continuous nausea and dizzy spells.

·         If you have trouble breathing or feeling an anxiety attack coming on.

These are a few likely issues that you may come across after childbirth. Whatever you may feel, it would be wise to share your concerns with your husband and your doctor for relief and safety.


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