Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Friday, February 17, 2012

Preschooler Activity with Educational Toys

A newborn instinctively knows to use its mouth, lips, tongue, wriggling fingers and toes, which are fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are performed by using larger muscles of your arms, legs and feet for larger movements like crawling, walking, running and jumping.

Laying the foundation stone for your baby's well developed body starts from the moment your baby suckles your breast for milk. As your baby is growing up, you need to keenly observe body movements like walking, jumping, maintaining balance, co-ordination and reaching out for objects, for any abnormality. Development of gross motor skills ensures your child's success in school, college and beyond and hence utmost care must be taken to develop them.

In order to hone your child’s fine motor skills, replace his noisy, electronic toys with educational toys that are fun, entertaining and stimulate his brain as well. These educational toys will develop your child’s motor skills, personality and creativity and help him grow with strong leadership skills.

An abacus, lace beads and wooden bead maze

Toys that are great for developing your child’s motor skills and improve co-ordination - Your child will have to use his fingers to grasp the beads and move them back and forth, thereby improving his hand-eye co-ordination, in addition to understanding colors and shapes. Melissa & Doug products like abacus, lace beads, bead maze and a many more will enhance your child’s physical and mental development. Toys like ‘latching board’ introduces to your child to numbers, birds, animals, colors, shapes and a lot more. He will enjoy undoing the latch, locks and clasps with his fingers and open the door to see different colorful pictures.

Toys that will develop your child’s cognitive skillsYour child will learn to use his memory and improve concentration, through play. Melissa & Doug’s ‘Basic Skills Board is just the toy for a curious child who wants to know how to buckle, zip, tie, snap, lace and dress the wooden bear. Cutting food-Wooden Play food’ enforces your child to use both his hands to play with them, thereby improving your child’s motor skills, co-ordination and basic knowledge of numbers, colors and shapes.
Basic Skills Board & Cutting Play Food 

Toys that improve ability to solve problems and puzzles -
The shape sorter will encourage your child to sort out the right shape in order to push it through the right shaped hole. His memory will be sharpened and his fine motor skills will be developed too.  The rainbow stacker will teach the ‘size’ and the ‘sequence’ concept to your child. He will learn that the ‘big’ rings go first as opposed to the small rings. He will also recognize colors along with his eye co-ordination.  
Shape sorter and rainbow stacker

Toys like solid wood drum & xylophone that produce music without batteries will help improve your child’s auditory skills, perception, motor skills and physical growth.

Alphabetical, numbered, picture puzzles and builder blocks These toys incite preschoolers to use their cognitive skills to place each piece of the puzzle into the right slot. Their brain captures the image, color, shape and size of the puzzle piece, which is transmitted to their fingers that picks up the pieces and puts them in the right order. These toys are also great for developing fine motor skills of preschoolers.

Parents should invest in educational toys in order to expose your preschooler to new concepts, ideas and sharpen her mind in a fun and entertaining way. Toys should suit your child’s age and skills. They should be durable and must help your child to express and communicate. Parents must choose toys that will reflect positively on the image they wish to portray. For example, pictures of people with specific roles like a policeman, a fireman or a doctor etc, will teach your child to respect law. Frivolous fashion toys might influence little girls to dress badly. Therefore, parents must be careful while choosing educational toys in order to make sure they send the correct message to their children.

The links given below are a list of educational toy manufacturers in India.

The address given below belongs to a toy manufacturer located in Dadar, Mumbai. He was a regular supplier of educational toys for my preschool.

J Dutta & Company, Hedavkar compound, Near Jai Gopal Industrial Estate, Bhavani Shankar Cross Road, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028.
Phone # +(91) (22) 24224012, +(91) (22) 66635231, +(91) 9967767302
Contact person – Mr Laxman Joshi


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