Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Choose the Right Preschool for your Child

When your child turns 2 years old, you start thinking that it is time to look around for a preschool that will teach your child social skills, adaptation, better language skills as well as improve gross/fine motor skills through appropriate physical activities.

Preschools play a great role in your child’s life, as they lay the foundation for future learning. In India, preschools are indispensible, especially in big cities, as they provide early education to children of nuclear families, where both the parents are working, resulting in their inability to devote enough quality time to their child.  Preschool steps in as a guardian angel, imparting fundamental learning, love and attention, including basic academics. 

When I first began my preschool, I had working parents come in to inspect the facilities with a thousand queries and concerns regarding the curriculum, nutrition and the faculty. I could appreciate their anxiety about leaving their little ones in an impersonal set-up, at least to begin with and an all consuming need for assurance that the preschool could shape, train and prepare their children for their future.

Preschool prepares your child to make a smooth transition to kindergarten, armed with basic knowledge of reading, writing, coloring and awareness of basic working structure of a kindergarten. Choosing the right preschool is not easy, as you are understandably concerned about the environment, academic program, nutrition plan and teaching faculty.

Do a thorough research of schools on the internet. Narrow it down to a few of your choice, based on all your requirements, visit the school personally, have a detailed talk with the concerned faculty, do a conducted tour of the school, check out the playing facilities, learning goals and read their nutrition chart.   

Check this link out to give you a list of preschools around the world

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