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Childcare and You

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are caused due to various reasons and quick weight gain / weight loss and pregnancy are the common causes. They usually occur at places where there is excess body fat like the thighs, lower stomach, breasts, upper arms, hips and your butt. Although they are not a health hazard, they can be annoying, especially when you want to wear a bikini. There are many oils that you can use to remove them gradually. Alternatively, you can also undergo laser treatment as a permanent solution for removing stretch marks. Prevention of stretch marks is the best way to fight them. Apply the oils etc on your stomach and other areas from the first day of your pregnancy in order to avert them after childbirth.

Cocoa butter is considered to be an excellent remedy for stretch marks. Regular application will lighten the stretch marks gradually. Make a mixture of ½ cup cocoa butter, 1 tbsp wheat germ oil, 1 tsp each of apricot kernel oil & vitamin E oil and 2 tsp beeswax (grated). Apply it on your stretch marks every day right after your shower so that the open pores of your skin will help absorb the cocoa butter well until they gradually fade away.

Massage olive oil, castor oil & coconut oil, alternately, on your stretch marks every day thrice a day. In fact, massage this oil all over your body so that they are well absorbed, leaving your body smooth and supple.

Vitamin E oil is an excellent remedy for stretch marks. They contain antioxidants that heal scars. Apply the oil after your shower daily and see the results, in a couple of months.

Make a paste by mixing herbs like lemon grass, mint, thyme, lavender and basil to coconut or olive oil and massage them on your stretch marks for 15 to 20 minutes before going to bed.

Aloe vera gel is excellent, especially when applied during your pregnancy, in order to combat the stretch marks after childbirth.

 ‘Milk fat’ or ‘milk cream’ mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder can be applied on the stretch marks after your bath. They not only reduce stretch marks but also give a glow to your skin. You can apply this mixture to your face as a mask and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off.

Take supplements of vitamin E to strengthen your body with anti oxidants and prevent stretch marks

Drinking plenty of water hydrates and detoxifies your body, tones your skin and make them elastic, supple and firm.

A well balanced nutritious diet rich in vitamin A,C & E is like tonic for your skin, making it glow with good health. Fish, eggs, dry nuts, fruits and veggies are rich in vitamin E.

Follow these tips during and after pregnancy. Be patient and soon you will see results.


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