Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Saturday, February 4, 2012

If You Are Over 40, Read This

In the present world, women over 40 appear to have reached the peak of womanhood. They look gorgeous, sexy and quite capable of giving stiff competition to women in the 20s. They do an amazing juggling act of their home, career, kids and social life. However, medical experts state that a beautiful exterior does not necessarily mean that you are cent percent healthy on the inside. You are not immune to health issues that women over 40 normally undergo and it would be worth your while to be warned and take preventive measures, starting right now.

Osteoporosis, early arthritis, breast / cervical cancers, cardiac health and unexpected pregnancy are common health problems that woman over 40 could face.

Breast cancer – is turning into a very common health concern for women. Doing a mammogram at least once in a year is very important as a preventive measure You could self examine your breast for any lump when you are in your bath. If breast cancer is detected in the early stages, you can successfully fight this disease and continue leading a healthy normal life.

Cervical cancer – occurs in the mouth of your uterus and the symptom is unusual vaginal bleeding. A ‘Pap smear” test done once in a year, will reveal the health of your cervix and clear your doubts

Osteoporosis / arthritis – is a serious health concern for women as it is a deteriorating bone disease that can attack woman at any age as opposed to the wrong perception that only older women suffered from it. Hereditary, genetic, irregular periods, early menopause, Asian, latino or Caucasian race are some factors that causes osteoporosis. An annual bone density test could help you prevent this disease with a well balanced diet and supplements of calcium, in order to strengthen your bones and teeth.

Cardiac Health – nowadays women are as susceptible as men to poor heart health on account of lack of exercise, poor diet and acute stress. Do an annual lipid profile of your blood to detect cholesterol and blood pressure.

Unexpected pregnancy – You may think that since you have crossed 40, you are not as fertile as you were in the 20s or 30s. But medical doctors claim that a 40 plus women is exposed to risk of getting pregnant as long as they get regular periods. So, they should either take remedial measures of undergoing a birth control surgery or take birth control pills until they reach their menopause.

Wake up and act now if you have not yet taken any of the above tests so far and protect yourself from any potential dangers caused on account of your negligence.

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