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Childcare and You

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Beaches of Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira is situated near the coast in Raigad district in Maharashtra and is only 165 kms from Mumbai. It is ideal as a weekend getaway and the main object of historical importance is the impregnable Janjira fort, built by the Siddhis, who were allies of the Mughals, in the 15th century. The fort has the honor of holding its own against the onslaught of the British, Dutch, Portuguese and the Marathas.

When I visited Murud Janjira, with my family and friends, for the first time in the month of October, during Diwali, I fell in love with the long beach facing the Golden Swan resort where we had stayed. There was a short flight of steps leading to the beach and that section of the beach was accessible only to the resort members. The long curved coastline was lined with different resorts and each of them had access to their own section of the beach. The climate was pleasant although it turned hot in the mid afternoon.

View of our stretch of the beach from our cottage

Displaying beachfront.jpg

I was up at 5.30 am with my husband, to enjoy a quiet walk on the beach. When I stepped down the steps on to the beach, I was struck by the vastness of the beach once again and the roar of the sea. The sky was still dark, the sand was light, firm and clean and the water was a pale bluish grey. Not a soul in sight except for a couple of horse carriages that moved about to pick anyone who cared for a ride round the long coastline. There was a cool wind blowing and only the silhouette of the Janjira fort in the middle of the sea, broke the line of the wide horizon.

In the evening, after having lunch at the resort we headed out to explore Murud town. As it is a seafood town, the market square was busy with the locals bustling about, busy selling their wares. The sun was beginning to set and there was light cool breeze blowing about. We wandered around some more to soak in the feel of the place and headed back to our hotel just in time to catch the beautiful sunset from our stretch of the beach.

As the night deepens, the sea is very dark and you can barely see the horizon. The tide has come in and you can hear the waves and roar of the winds through the sea, as you sit on the steps leading down to the beach.
Murud Janjira an ideal weekend getaway spot, away from the bustle of the city and the pressures of work. The quiet and the still of the night, transports your mind to another world where only serenity prevails.