Childcare and You

Childcare and You

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yoga to Remove Your Body Toxins

The ‘Yoni’ Mudra

‘Yoni’ in Sanskrit means ‘uterus’ and ‘Mudra’ means ‘using your hands’. The ‘yoni’ mudra is a type of pranayam that involves isolating your senses and look within in order to calm and relax your mind. While doing this mudra, your mind becomes aware of the inner workings of your body. Thus ‘yoni mudra’ symbolizes what a baby’s experiences inside a uterus. It is effective in enhancing your concentration and sharpening your mental focus. 

In the video below I am showing how it is done.


The Simha Mudra or the Roaring Lion pose

‘Simha in Sanskrit means ‘Lion’ and the posture resembles the posture of a fierce lion with its wide open mouth and tongue stretched out. The Simha Mudra pranayam is a very good exercise for your face. It exercises your facial muscles and helps you look younger and healthier. It is equivalent to a ‘facial’ of a beauty salon. Additionally, the Simha Mudra is a great stress buster and helps you to expel your worries and body toxins.  It is also very effective for thyroid disorder as it strengthens your throat muscles.